Sustainbility Corners for GC Library District Begins

Infinite West and the Grand County Library District are collaborating on creating a “sustainability corner” within each of the Grand County libraries.
Sustainability, as defined by the United Nations and that Infinite West subscribes to is this: “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” With all things seemingly connected, we put our local economy into this definition also.

We have submitted the name of the first book to go into this collection. Toward a Zero Energy Home, by David Johnston & Scott Gibson
Hooray! This corner is now a reality.
We honor the Ghincea family for their generous donation in support of this program.
Check your local Grand County Library for the latest sustainability additions (books or media) or ask your librarian which titles Infinite West recommends.

As you find or read a good book, watch a DVD or listen to a CD on a sustainability topic, take note of it and send us a note about that title and why you feel it is important for others to read about it. Then, become a part of this collaboration by joining us in making a contribution to Infinite West to go toward this collaboration. Please ensure that you submit that title (or titles) along with author and publisher’s name to us for this “sustainability corner.”
Drop us a note with your suggestion and your contribution to P.O. Box 1955 Granby CO 80446.
Since the Library District gets the better deal on cost, it is best if we submit the list to them and let them buy the books or media.
Happy Reading!

One comment on “Sustainbility Corners for GC Library District Begins

  1. timosabo says:

    Great way to give something to the community that everyone has access to!

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