The ever growing Sustainability Library, championed by former board member and advocate Tom Waldow, survives and thrives thanks to donations from people like you. Please donate a book today! We work directly with the Grand County Library District to procure books. We ask for a $40 donation to purchase each book*. Thank you for helping keep Tom’s dream alive!

button-donateJune 18, 2014
We say good-bye to a dear friend at Infinite West: Tom Waldow, advocate for sustainability and founding board member passed away in April of this year.

I officially met Tom during our 2009 Recycling Round Table. But I really met Tom later that week, when he and another of our very first board members, Jessie Wormington, jumped in with open hearts and unbridled enthusiasm to expand the cause for sustainable communities in Grand County. It was an informal meeting, over a beer at the Devil’s Thumb Ranch House Saloon. I was gratified by how quickly we hit it off, and at first amazed at how open and willing Tom was to share so many of his stories of the history (both official and unofficial) of Grand County places and people.

Tom Waldow 2As I grew to know Tom, I realized that this was his nature. His effervescence for life, his passion for all things sustainable, and his compassion for fellow human beings all became examples for me of how I would like to live my own life. He was a man who put his money where his mouth was when it came to living as a connected and loving member of his community.

A conversation with Tom would inevitably take a number of unexpected twists and turns, usually never shying away from philosophical pit stops, local small business loops, humorous historic landmarks and all the things you would hope to experience on, say, a good road trip. The common themes with every conversation with Tom were enthusiasm and inspiration. I always left the room feeling that so much could be imagined, and therefore, so much was possible.

The surprising and unexpected end of Tom Waldow’s life has left all who knew him feeling empty, I am sure. It certainly has left me with a heavy heart and a feeling of great loss.

Tom’s legacy will live on, however. He and his wife Eileen have contributed so much to our communities in Grand County. Not the least of this is the special kind of devotion they have given to Infinite West. This organization would quite literally not exist without them.

As a way of remembrance, and as a way of saying ‘Thank You’ to Tom for his legacy, please join me in contributing a book to the Tom Waldow Sustainability Library. Tom communicated to me his belief in the power of knowledge and information. This library was one of Tom’s passions when he was alive, and will continue to serve our community for generations to come. Your additions to the library will help to expand that dream of his, while benefitting all of us with an infusion of ideas and inspiration toward a sustainable future.

Please consider a donation to the Tom Waldow Sustainability Library, and further the resources available to everyone in Grand County’s communities.
– Sincerely, Timothy Hodsdon, Infinite West Board of Directors

*$40/book is based on the average price of books on our wish list, and includes all procurement costs incurred by the Grand County Library District. Upon receipt of your donation, we will contact you with an updated list of titles on the Sustainability Library wishlist for you to choose from. You may donate as many books as you wish!
Check out some current titles below: (these books are available now through the Grand County Library District!):

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