In 2013, Infinite West partnered with Cooper Creek Square & Simply Efficient to host the first-ever Eco Roadshow, a gathering of sustainably-minded folks who shared their passion for locally & responsibly grown foods, locally made upcycled products, great music, and art. This was Grand County’s first fully Solar Event, and Zero Waste Goal Event.

Since then, the Eco-Roadshow has literally ‘hit the road’. In collaboration with Simply Efficient, the Eco Roadshow now services other events in the county by providing a mobile power plant that can offset (in most cases fully) the energy consumption of any event with a road to it.

To learn more about how Infinite West and Simply Efficient can turn your event into a Green Solar Event, CLICK HERE.


On June 10, 2010, twelve team members from Jackson and Grand County began the process of developing an Energy Strategy for the region. The questions on the cover of this Strategy are those that they asked about energy use in our region at the first meeting.

While the planning process has been a local effort, the impetus and funding came from the federal level. In 2007 President Bush signed the Energy Independence and Security Act which established…[READ MORE HERE]

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