Plastic Bag Fee [draft] letter of support

From the Infinite West Board of Directors

Dear Members of the Town of Fraser Board of Trustees:

I am writing on behalf of the Board of Directors of Infinite West in favor of an ordinance to enact a fee for the use of Disposable Plastic Bags in businesses within Fraser Town Limits. Infinite West owes its existence to funds raised from a very successful campaign to limit plastic bag use in our communities in 2009. That campaign showed us that there is political will in our communities to do something about the environmental threat of plastic bags. Significant studies have shown that the plastic from these bags will not bio-degrade, and eventually even enter our food chain.

Plastic bags pose significant threats to the environment, and to public health, while at the same time create potential for littering. The Wall Street Journal reports that the US goes through about 100 billion disposable plastic bags every year. Of those, Colorado is responsible for over 2 billion. Fewer than 5% of these are currently being recycled. We believe that efforts should be increased to both discourage the use of disposable plastic bags, while raising awareness and opportunities for recycling  bags that are used.

Ironically, re-useable plastic-based bags can pose significant environmental problems if they aren’t actually used, says the Wall Street Journal. We believe a Disposable Bag Fee Ordinance will help encourage the use of re-useable bags, while discouraging the use of disposable bags.

Our recent initiatives to promote local Green Micro-business through the production of sustainable products with local artisans could benefit from such legislation. Greater use of re-useable bags could provide a greater market for responsibly & locally made re-useable bags.

We urge you to allow Fraser citizens to decide whether the use of disposable plastic bags should incur a fee within the Town limits of Fraser, Colorado. Please put a well-though-out and responsibly crafted ordinance for a Disposable Plastic Bag Fee on the November 2013 ballot.


Infinite West
Board of Directors

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