Plastic Bag Fee [draft] letter of support

From the Infinite West Board of Directors

Dear Members of the Town of Fraser Board of Trustees:

I am writing on behalf of the Board of Directors of Infinite West in favor of an ordinance to enact a fee for the use of Disposable Plastic Bags in businesses within Fraser Town Limits. Infinite West owes its existence to funds raised from a very successful campaign to limit plastic bag use in our communities in 2009. That campaign showed us that there is political will in our communities to do something about the environmental threat of plastic bags. Significant studies have shown that the plastic from these bags will not bio-degrade, and eventually even enter our food chain.

Plastic bags pose significant threats to the environment, and to public health, while at the same time create potential for littering. The Wall Street Journal reports that the US goes through about 100 billion disposable plastic bags every year. Of those, Colorado is responsible for over 2 billion. Fewer than 5% of these are currently being recycled. We believe that efforts should be increased to both discourage the use of disposable plastic bags, while raising awareness and opportunities for recycling  bags that are used.

Ironically, re-useable plastic-based bags can pose significant environmental problems if they aren’t actually used, says the Wall Street Journal. We believe a Disposable Bag Fee Ordinance will help encourage the use of re-useable bags, while discouraging the use of disposable bags.

Our recent initiatives to promote local Green Micro-business through the production of sustainable products with local artisans could benefit from such legislation. Greater use of re-useable bags could provide a greater market for responsibly & locally made re-useable bags.

We urge you to allow Fraser citizens to decide whether the use of disposable plastic bags should incur a fee within the Town limits of Fraser, Colorado. Please put a well-though-out and responsibly crafted ordinance for a Disposable Plastic Bag Fee on the November 2013 ballot.


Infinite West
Board of Directors

Plastic Bag Facts

Disposable Plastic Bags:

According to the Town of Breckenridge, less than 5% of the over 2 Billion Disposable Plastic Bags used annually in Colorado are recycled.

The Wall Street Journal reports that we use about 200 Billion disposable plastic bags EVERY YEAR in the United States. They also report that getting consumers to change their shopping habits and actually use their re-useable bags often only happens when there is “a personal reward…associated with the change”. Learn more HERE.

“Plastics, like Diamonds, are forever!” say researchers at the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, “Plastic goes through a process called photodegradation, where sunlight breaks it into smaller and smaller pieces, all of which are still plastic polymers.” Also: “all plastic introduced into [the] marine environment remains there, getting smaller but never breaking apart” As the plastic breaks down, it enters the food chain on a molecular level. Learn more HERE.

Colorado Initiatives & Legislation:

Telluride, Colorado has banned plastic bags and charges a $.10 bag fee for the use/ distribution of paper bags in city limits. Learn more HERE.

Breckenridge, Colorado has instituted a plastic bag fee similar to the one potentially proposed in Fraser. Learn more about the details HERE and HERE. To see a copy of their ordinance, click HERE.

Aspen bans plastic bags. Learn more HERE.

The City of Boulder has instituted a $.10 disposable plastic bag fee. Learn more HERE. Read the ordinance HERE.

State Measures & Initiatives:

Oregon Senate Bill 113 seeks to regulate single-use checkout bags in the state of Oregon. Learn more HERE.

Providence, RI, STATE HOUSE, April 4, 2013 – Environment Rhode Island yesterday presented lawmakers with more than 7,300 signatures on a petition in support of legislation to ban plastic bags at store checkouts in Rhode Island. Learn more HERE.

Arkansas State Representative Denny Altes has introduced a bill into the Arkansas General Assembly to ban single-use plastic bags in food stores. Lear more HERE.

Learn about pending and passed State legislation HERE.

Plastic Bags Fatal for Marine Mammals

Learn how more than a hundred plastic bags and other ocean debris helped contribute to the death of this Sperm Whale in the Mediterranean HERE.

Thank-You 2013 ECO Roadshow Sponsors!

Without you, this event would not be possible…Thank you for your continued support for sustainability efforts in Grand County!


ECO Roadshow Educational/ Vendor Booth Opportunities!

Do you have something to share with the community in the area of sustainability? Join us for the 2013 Eco Roadshow!

Educational booths are welcome – Infinite West and Cooper Creek Square are offering booth space for free.

green books

Vendors: No charge for Green Products

green tshirts

Contact: ECO Roadshow 2013 Coordination Committee/o Jessie Ferguson
(402) 206-3448

2013 EcoRoadShow_Logo

ECO Roadshow 2013

2013 marks the birth of the ECO Roadshow –

Banner_eco roadshow

Grand County Colorado’s own Sustainability Fair. Infinite West will be collaborating with Cooper Creek Square to bring you live entertainment, sustainability education, puppet shows for the kids, and other fun activities.

The ECO Roadshow is a collaborative sustainability event, bringing environmentally conscious businesses and non-profits together with the public for the purpose of education for all ages. The event is being held in conjunction with a Solshine Music Festival weekend and is designed to promote a Greener Grand County.

2-4 Live Music with Afro-Pop Ensemble, Nokuthula

Cooper Creek Square will be providing and funding a stage with local musicians and entertainment!

11-1 Rocky Mountain Puppet Show

These puppet characters by ventriloquist Meghan Casey come to life! The show promises to be a magical and totally realistic interaction between Meghan and her characters. Expect to feel good and laugh a lot. This puppet show will feature an ecological and planet-friendly theme.

1-2 Magician

11-4 Sustainability Education Booths & Demonstrations

Infinite West is coordinating educational booths & vendors, with the intention of raising awareness on sustainability issues & strategies, as well as promoting Green Business in Grand County. We will draw from local resources, as well as bringing in outside technologies and advocates to show in the event.

Thank you to our ECO Roadshow Sponsors!


Infinite West is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, located at the headwaters of the Colorado River in Grand County, Colorado


JUNE 23 – 28, 2013
An Educational Family Eco-Vacation at Shadowcliff in Partnership with the Rocky
Mountain Nature Association

shadowcliff 1

Participate in a fun filled eco-vacation designed as an intergenerational opportunity to learn and play together with the
backdrop of Rocky Mountain National Park, the town and waters of Grand Lake and the fifty year history
of Shadowcliff Lodge. Leaders include professional educators, park rangers, naturalists and experienced
retreat coordinators who love sharing this beautiful natural setting with others. Program geared to age 7
through elders with hikes of no more than 2 miles.

Costs: All-inclusive meals, 5 nights lodging and activities (except optional ones) for $1100 for the first
three people in a room and $300 for each additional person). Price reduction considered for two persons
in a room.

Contact: or 970-627-9220

The Congress – Live Music

Join us Friday January 9 for Live Music at Smokin’ Moes in Cooper Creek Square

$5 – Part of proceeds benefit Infinite West!


Beauty In Awareness: /Art/Music/ Poetry/Fun!

Beauty In Awareness: /Art/Music/Poetry/Fun!

Local Grand County artists are joining together this year to generate change in our communities, and our world. Join us in supporting the Beauty In Awareness Artists Advocate Party.  This is a kick off celebration party for anyone interested in participating in The Beauty in Awareness Art Show, slated for Spring of 2013. Several Cooper Creek business are sponsoring a mixture of fun activities to support the event, such as The Nest, Mountain Grind, and Smokin’ Moes.  starts as a daylong event taking place at Cooper Creek Square in Winter Park. Get your art on with in a collaborative piece, listen to live poetry, amazing music, and add your own artistic expression. Coordinators are looking for artists to participate in this spring’s Beauty in Awareness Art Show, designed to celebrate art for sustainable change.

Who:  Calling all artists, community members, kids, and caring people!
What: The Beauty in Awareness Artist Advocate Party
Where: Cooper Creek Square (The Nest, Mountain Grind, Smokin’ Moes)
When: February 9, 2013

There will be a small entry fee to attend the evening events, including a Happy Hour, art show at Nest.artistic home, and music at Smokin’ Moes. A portion of the proceeds will go to Infinite West to help support the upcoming Beauty in Awareness Art Show.


Events Include:

Art at Nest. artistic home – Information Hub
10 o’clock – ON – Collaborative Art Project: Throw Some Paint! – Nest
3-4 o’clock – Lindsey England: Images & Readings from her book The Hermit in the Woods – Nest
7-9 o’clock – Mixer & Poetry Slam – Mountain Grind Coffee Shop
9 o’clock – ON – THE CONGRESS – Rockin’ music with heart at Smokin’ Moes, Winter Park
4-7 o’clock – CASH MOB

Get a FREE TICKET to Saturday Night’s Show!
How? Participate in Saturday’s Cash Mob… Spend $20 at Nest and get free admittance to The Congress at Smokin’ Moes at 9:00 Saturday Night.

This event is organized by Lavender Elephant (find us on facebook!) & Nest. artistic home in Winter Park, Colorado. Sponsors include:

Cooper Creek Square
Nest . artistic home
Smokin’ Moes
Sushi Bar
Mountain Grind Coffee Shop

For more information contact:
Abbey Arabie- 985.630.5256 /
Carolyn Bailey- 970.531.8625

Graywater Bill Signed Into Law

UPDATE: HB 13-1044: Authorization of Graywater Use PASSED

  1. Introduced Jan 9, 2013
  2. Passed House Apr 5, 2013
  3. Passed Senate Apr 29, 2013
  4. Signed into Law May 15, 2013

To read the full bill, follow this link: Graywater_Bill_13-1044sapp_01

House Bill 13-1044:  Authorization of Graywater Use:

HB13-1044 Current law is unclear regarding whether, and under what conditions, graywater may be used. Section 1 of the bill declares the importance of water conservation to the economy of Colorado and the well-being of its citizens. Section 2 defines “graywater” as that portion of wastewater that, before being treated or combined with other wastewater, is collected from fixtures within residential, commercial, or industrial buildings or institutional facilities for the purpose of being put to beneficial uses authorized by the water quality control commission (commission) in the department of public health and environment. Sources of graywater may include discharges from bathroom and laundry room sinks, bathtubs, showers, and laundry machines, as well as water from other sources authorized by rules promulgated by the commission. Graywater does not include wastewater from toilets, urinals, kitchen sinks, nonlaundry utility sinks, and dishwashers. Graywater must be collected in a manner that minimizes household wastes, human excreta, animal or vegetable matter, and chemicals that are hazardous or toxic, as determined by the commission. Section 2 also defines “graywater treatment works”.

Green Drinks Every Second Thursday

Keep the sustainable conversation going with Green Drinks!


Every Second Thursday of the month in 2013.
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