Buy a Gift Card and Help Infinite West Raise Funds!
Infinite West is offering pre-loaded Safeway gift cards. For example, you could purchase a $100 Safeway gift card from Infinite West. The card would be pre-loaded for the $100 amount. You would be able to use the card at any participating Safeway to purchase food, stamps, or gas and Infinite West would receive a 3% donation (on the $100) directly from Safeway.
This is a great way to budget your monthly grocery shopping by purchasing a card in the amount of your monthly budgeted grocery bill (for example, $500) and help Infinite West at the same time.
What a great idea! Order your cards today!
City Market Cards Help Infinite West too!
If you have a City Market Card and your number is not already dedicated to another cause, you can email your card number to Eileen, which will put Infinite West in the running to receive a donation from Kroger and Company.
Email Eileen for more details.
Why not share these card ideas with a friend and help Infinite West raise funds?

Grand Lake, Colorado, August 27
What a GREAT day at our first annual Spirit of the Lake Regatta and Crews and Brews Festival!
A very BIG Thank You to our sponsors and everyone who came out to support this event whether a participant, spectator or volunteer!

Some of the proceeds from this event go toward conservation efforts for the Colorado River Headwaters.
We hope you will join us in August 2012 for the 2nd edition of this way cool event on Grand Lake. Follow us here for the latest.

You can still get your Regatta gear here and support conservation efforts.

2011 Granby Earth Day Celebration
In spite of snowy weather in late May, we had a good turnout for this year’s celebration. Thank you to our sponsors and everyone who braved the snow to come out and support our efforts. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to ongoing Fraser Valley Water Conservation Initiatives.

We are accepting applications for 2012 for local artists, crafters and vendors for another Earth Day event. Please contact Jessie W if you are interested in participating at any level.

A Special Thank-You to Our Gold Sponsors for the 2011 Granby Earth Celebration:

Thank you to our Silver Sponsors!

Water Water Water……….
Increasing personal awareness of water use along Colorado’s Front Range. View this informative 6-minute video from Trout Unlimited then, share the link and share the knowledge. If we care enough, perhaps we can save the endangered rivers in Grand County.

Historical Water Announcement…..What does it really mean?
When Governor Hickenlooper made the recent announcement about a historical water agreement with nearly all concerned parties, he failed to address some specific facts and figures–namely that the agreement still allows the Moffat Firming Project and enlargement of Gross Reservoir to go forward, and that Denver Water will not propose nor implement conservation measures in its service areas. With Colorado’s Front Range in the midst of a severe drought, a logical person might believe that conservation measures would be higher on the priority list for a water provider. Ah, but several state regions do have a large melting snowpack currently, hence the flooding reports. So, at what point does water conservation measures become a higher priority for Denver Water?

A concerned citizen from Nederland with graduate training in water resources, a PhD in geology, and one who has published lots of scientific papers about water resources, writes the following regarding Denver Water Board’s lack of implementation of conservation measures while still pursuing the enlargement of the Gross Reservoir.
—–Originally published in the Boulder Daily Camera, Letters to the Editor, April 30, 2011—–
The new Colorado River Cooperative Agreement between western water interests and Denver Water is laudable and a great step forward, but lost in the hoopla is the simple fact that Denver Water still plans to build an unnecessary $576,000,000 expansion of Gross Reservoir in Boulder County. A simple back-of-the-envelope calculation shows that installing low-flow shower heads for every resident of the Denver metro area would be cheaper, would save more water, and would have the added benefit of being environmentally sound.
The projected shortfall in Denver by 2030 is only 18,000 acre-feet of water, but let’s be generous to Denver Water and assume the shortfall is double that value at 36,000 acre-feet or about 12 billion gallons. Using 2.5 versus 6 gallons per minute, low-flow shower heads save about 35 gallons in a ten minute shower. At one shower per person per day with 2.5 million residents in the Denver metro area, that saves about 32 billion gallons per year. Of course, many folks in Denver have already installed low-flow fixtures, but these figures show that only about a third of the residents would need to install low-flow shower heads to make up the projected shortfall. And remember, we were being generous to Denver Water, so the real value is closer to one-sixth of the residents.
The cost? Forget that only a fraction of the households need new shower heads. Instead, let’s buy all 2.5 million people very nice $100 shower heads and allow an additional $100 for installation. Total cost: $500,000,000. This rather magnanimous payment is still cheaper than the proposed Gross Reservoir expansion.
David Bahr

We did it! March 2011
The board of Infinite West was notified through IRS letter that we are now officially a 501(c)(3). Contributions made to Infinite West are deductible under section 170 of the tax Code. We are now qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106, or 2522 of the tax Code. It was further determined by the IRS that Infinite West is a public charity.
This is a major step forward for us. We hope that everyone who follows our mission and projects will help us by either: joining us as a member, a sponsor, becoming a volunteer, or by making a generous contribution to our causes and projects.
Thank you!

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